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Buy Your Favorite Kuddle Bumz Goods

I am always creating something new but you will find Kuddle Bumz favorites and best sellers here. 

~Yoga Mat Bags, Wristlets and Sling Bags

~ Ohio Pillows and Tooth Pillows 

~Fun gifts like Hot Guy Hot Pads and Badge Holders

#MadeByMe Blog Series

I have been selling the items that I sew for years now. Every January I check out for a few weeks to re-energize. This usually consists cooking and cleaning, some organizing. In 2018 I want to start sewing on a regular basis for myself. 

My plan was to just make items and enjoy them. Then I realized that I could share them on my website in a blog format and hopefully encourage and inspire many of you to do the same thing!

Find Kuddle Bumz Locally

You can always shop Kuddle Bumz online. If you are looking to support locally owned shops and boutiques though, you will find the list below. Kuddle Bumz is currently in shops located in the states of Ohio and Michigan.