Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

The Idea

The name Kuddle Bumz came about when I started making soft, fleece diaper covers. I had two small children so it seemed easy to make cute clothes for them and some extra to sell. 

As the kiddos got older, two things happened: they loved going clothes shopping and I wanted to challenge myself to sew more/different items. Because of these two, my shop offerings changed and evolved to home decor and accessories.

My underlying tone of everything that I make is function. As a mom, I need things to be fun, washable and able to fit - fit things in them, fit in the car, fit into our crazy life! I continue to add to my store based on what I see a need for. My latest additions include yoga mat bags and sling bags. 

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About Me

Hi there! I'm Becky, owner of Kuddle Bumz Designs. I am also a mom, a runner, a coffee addict, a craft beer drinker and cat snuggler. I live in the Midwest but dream of living on the beach.

I learned to sew from my mom when I was a kiddo. She used to make all of my doll clothes, my spring dresses and any drapes, pillows and blankets that we needed at home. She taught our Girl Scout troop to sew (and my brother's Boy Scout troop). And I blame her for my fascination with buttons of any kind.

I started sewing items to sell on Etsy so that I would have an outlet for "therapy" for my crafty ADD. Buying awesome fabrics and creating little works of art really started to clutter up the house! So it is here that I present all of my crazy creations for the world of handmade to buy...oh, and it helps to pay the bills too.

Thanks so much for stopping by! My website has all of my hand sewn items but if you are in need of an ID Badge Holder, then head to Etsy to check out my shop!

100% Handmade

Everything that you see in my store is handmade by me. I have three sewing machines: a Juki, a Brother and an avocado green Kenmore that was my mom's.

I source my fabrics from just about everywhere! If I see it and love it, I buy it and make something out of it. 

My designs are sketched out in my trusty notebook. Many of them have changed numerous times, but that is the fun of making your own patterns!

I truly love creating items for people to use and love. It brings me such joy to be able to add a little sunshine to someone's life with my products.