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Scrap Fleece Dog Toy

Scrap Fleece Dog Toy

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There are two things that I have an abundance of: fleece scraps and a need for dog chew toys!

Our pup Bella was rescued from Aruba almost two years ago. We love her so much and boy oh boy does she love to PLAY. She gets a monthly Bark Box but goes through toys pretty fast. She loves to play fetch and tug-tug so when I saw this toy online, I knew it would be perfect for her! After searching some tutorials online, I got the jist of how to create a unique size and color just for Bella. She isn't at all girly so we went with a fleece that would hide dirt.


If you have fleece scraps lying around from your winter projects, this is perfect to use up your end strips. And you can even use the selvage because the dog really doesn’t care what color it is.

You will need a two inch wide strip and I have used one length so far, 30 inches, but will be trying out a 60 inch strip next. My finished product, with the tassles ended up being 10 to 12 inches long. This is also perfect for kids to make because it is super easy with no sewing involved.


First you will want to use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut four separate two inch by 30 inch strips of fleece. I used two different patterns of fleece so I cut two of the black and two of the camo.


Lay them all on top of each other and knot the top.

Get a comfy seat and sit! Place the knot between your knees. Spread the pieces of fabric out into a cross pattern.


You will be making a square knot so channel your inner summer camp self and get ready! Fold the bottom piece up to the top left. Then fold the top piece down to the bottom right. Fold the right piece to the left, going over, then under the piece of fabric to the left. Then fold the left piece over the right, going over, then under. Pull all four ends of fabric to tighten the knot. I pull two opposite sides at a time until the center knot gets smaller and smaller and then tighten it up. The picture collage below should help make this clearer.


Continue these knots until you have about 7 inches at the end. You have two choices at this point. You could tie a knot just like you did at the beginning. If you need to trim the ends to match the length on the top, go ahead. See below for the second ending.


One toy that I made I didn't have enough to tie the end so I took the two camo ends and tied them and then tied the two black ones. It worked just fine. So with 7 inches of fleece left, tie two or three more square knots and then tie one knot each with the same colored fabric.

Aren't knots amazing!

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