All in No Sew Creations

Shibori Fabric Dyeing

I attended Midwest Craft Con this past weekend and the organizers scheduled some DIY sessions for us to attend. Whether they wanted us to actually learn a new craft or just give us a brain break from learning, I am thankful. I learned to macramé a hanging for my sewing room wall. I painted a bangle bracelet with a Craft Away Camp. And I learned to Shibori Dye fabric.

DIY Dry Erase Board

In the past I have always used a dry erase board, which are great, but after years of using the same one I notice that it looks messy. A few times I accidentally used a sharpie. Some months I didn’t erase some words and now those letters are horrid to get removed. And I notice that in certain spots, the pretty shine is no longer there. Time for a new board! But wait…can I make one?

Scrap Fleece Dog Toy

There are two things that I have an abundance of: fleece scraps and a need for dog chew toys!

Our pup Bella was rescued from Aruba almost two years ago. We love her so much and boy oh boy does she love to PLAY. She gets a monthly Bark Box but goes through toys pretty fast. She loves to play fetch and tug-tug so when I saw this toy online, I knew it would be perfect for her! After searching some tutorials online, I got the jist of how to create a unique size and color just for Bella. She isn't at all girly so we went with a fleece that would hide dirt.