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Made by Me Wool Slippers

Made by Me Wool Slippers

I am one of those people who is always cold. Even in the hottest part of the summer, if I am inside with the air conditioning then I will be in slippers and a sweatshirt or under a blanket. Anytime I scroll through social media, I take full notice if I see something warm and cozy. I am not sure who’s post I originally saw Joe’s Toes slippers on, but within minutes I was on their website buying a colorful DIY slipper kit!

DIY Wool Slipper Kit.JPG

If you are a slipper person, you have to scroll through their website full of different kinds of footware. You can choose from DIY kits to already finished product, wool hard soled slippers to yarn based socks.

Click picture to take you directly to Joe's Toes!

Click picture to take you directly to Joe's Toes!

My cute little package showed up quickly and was very organized. In most instances when I make something, I enjoy the process of searching for the perfect fabric or pattern. With this project, it was refreshing to have all of the pieces sourced and ready for me to just create. The instructions for assembly are on the Joe’s Toes website and I was able to crank this project out in an evening while watching TV.

This package that I purchased included:

  • Soles: bottom, mid and top
  • Slipper top
  • Thread
  • Embellishments
Wool Slipper Embellishments

I started by choosing which embellishments I wanted on the top of my slippers. After laying them out evenly on each top, I sewed them in place using the waxed thread provided. I did this freehand and allowed the stiches to be as such – no perfect stitches here.

Wool Slipper Assembly.jpg

Following the instructions for slipper assembly, I matched notches and holes then used the stitching pattern that was recommended. It did take some strength to keep everything aligned perfectly as I stitched, so I used some binding clips around the slipper to keep everything tight.

Wool Slipper Set.JPG

I am so happy with this purchase! It was fun to be able to order the colors and embellishments that you love, the package arrived quickly and the whole project was a great decompression activity. If you are looking for a fun project or even a gift for a DIYer, I highly recommend visiting Joe's Toes to pick something unique.

Me Made Vacation

Me Made Vacation