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Me Made Vacation

Me Made Vacation

I am usually horrible about finding the time to take pictures of my handmade garments. I resort to finding some uncluttered section of our house or an area of greenery in the yard that doesn’t have weeds. With our upcoming beach vacation, a light bulb went off in my head – take the darn pictures at the beach! I packed up all of my recent “me made” items and had my oldest kiddo take pictures before we went into dinner each night. Below are the pictures, patterns, descriptions and links from my Me Made Vacation. Enjoy!


I call it my flowy shirt, but it is from Simplicity, SO866 option D with a small hack. I made this pattern as directed once and felt that there was way too much fabric on the sides. I hacked it to cut out a lot of that side fabric and love the shirt even more. If you were a shopper at the Ohio Made Spring Market VIP night, you would have seen it in person.


Ella Top from Liola Patterns

I made two of these: one out of knit and one out of a white embroidered cotton. When I chose to make the Ella Top from the knit, I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric to make the bias tape needed for the arm and neck holes. I made my own bias tape using Mister Domestics video, which you will find in an upcoming blog post of mine that will have me owning up to this new addiction.

For the second top, I decided on a plain color so that I would have something to wear with patterned bottoms. I love this fabric because it is so light for the hot summer weather. It also has a look that can be casual or a bit dressier depending on what I pair it with.


Ogden Cami from True Bias

I have made three of these so far and I am completely addicted! The pattern is super easy to use and can be made from just about any fabric. I changed the steps in the pictured shirt by using two fabrics: sheer floral for the outside and a full length of black satin for the inside.


Pom Pom Shorts from Melly Sews

I found this fabric in my stash and wasn’t sure why I was drawn to it. I love the bright yellow pattern so it made sense for summer garments. But it also had this 1980’s Little House on the Prairie vibe to it that I remember in the dresses that my mom used to make me. Either way, I had 3 yards of it that needed to be used. I decided to use it as my test fabric for three garments…and they all turned out awesomely!

The original pattern from Melly Sews has you using pom poms. I thought that using that type of trim on this fabric might create some seriously loud shorts so I opted for white bias tape. Even though I am completely addicted to making my own bias tape, I bought this white trim.


Lace Trimmed Shorts from Melly Sews

If you have read down this far, I feel like I owe you a funny story. Because the brown chambray that I was using didn’t really have a right and wrong side, I made a hilarious mistake. As I was ironing the hem on the legs of the shorts, I ironed both legs as the right side. Funny but not funny, I didn’t find this out until I had sewn on the trim, sewn in the pockets, basically sewn everything except the waistband! I was at the point in the instructions where you place one leg into the other to bring both sides together when the cuss words started flowing. Even “funnier”? I went back to read where I went wrong and saw that Melissa wrote in the instructions “if you are using a fabric that doesn’t have a wrong side, be sure that you don’t create two of the same leg”. Lovely. After buying new trim and cutting out another leg and pocket, I was attentive and focused and did it right. Whew!

Made by Me Wool Slippers

Made by Me Wool Slippers

Tote Bag Sewing Class

Tote Bag Sewing Class