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Carrie Cardigan times THREE

Carrie Cardigan times THREE

I first tried the Carrie Cardigan by Delia Creates in the spring so that I had a colorful cover up to wear over a white Ella top that I made that was a bit see thru. The very colorful knit that I purchased from Maker Mountain Fabric was perfect for the season. 

Spring Carrie Cardigan

This sweater was made using the short length and short sleeve. If you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, you’ll see that there are different combos that you can play around with: short sleeve, long sleeve, short length and long length.

Having never sewn knit or sewn knit on my serger, I was hoping for the best! I read up on sewing knits: the correct needles, not stretching as you sew, etc. I crossed my fingers and went slowly. 

From start to finish went relatively fast. So fast in fact, I figured that I screwed something up. I was so happy with the finished product that I wanted to try out a long sleeve with a long length.

Blue Carrie Cardigan

I found this blue knit at JoAnn Fabrics and there were three very full bolts all on the clearance rack. I felt very bad for this poor fabric so I bought some. I actually bought a bunch of it so you may be seeing some other tops in this same fabric.

While sewing this one together, I realized that I put it together faster than the last. I’m glad I like sweaters (always cold) because this is too easy to make many of these.

Slouchy Sleeve Carrie Cardigan

My third cardigan was made as a dressier cover up to wear for work functions with my husband. I wanted the sleeve to be a bit more slouchy and the cuff to be a little longer.  I added 2 inches to both.

From start to finish, this one took me exactly one hour.

I just love this pattern!

When thing don't work out as you envisioned.

When thing don't work out as you envisioned.