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When thing don't work out as you envisioned.

Let’s talk about bodies. Sometimes you see an outfit on someone else and think, “That looks so cute! I totally want one for myself.” Then, you get the pattern, buy the fabric and make that outfit only to have it look awful! When this happens to me, I need to force myself to take a minute and tell myself that the outfit looking different has nothing to do with me AND everything to do with me.

Tote Bag Sewing Class

It’s comical how I react when people find out that I sew and then ask me to hem something. I can only sew what I know and in all honestly, in the world of sewing, my knowledge is very limited. This year, one of my goals is to broaden my horizons and learn more and different sewing techniques.

DIY Beach Cover Up

I love the summer and being in the sun! My kids love to swim and walk on the beach. When we do these fun in the sun activities, I am never sure what to use to cover up. I don’t like pulling on pants over my swim suit and I feel the swim suit poking out when I wear a dress. I wanted to buy something that looks specifically like a swim suit cover up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Most of them were really gauzing feeling and that makes me feel itchy. Many of them were dark in color and when I am in the sun I don’t really want something black covering me. So, this led me to searching for the consistency and color fabric that I wanted and get creative on making my own.