All in Sewing Tutorial

DIY Beach Cover Up

I love the summer and being in the sun! My kids love to swim and walk on the beach. When we do these fun in the sun activities, I am never sure what to use to cover up. I don’t like pulling on pants over my swim suit and I feel the swim suit poking out when I wear a dress. I wanted to buy something that looks specifically like a swim suit cover up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Most of them were really gauzing feeling and that makes me feel itchy. Many of them were dark in color and when I am in the sun I don’t really want something black covering me. So, this led me to searching for the consistency and color fabric that I wanted and get creative on making my own.

DIY Rope Basket

With everything that I use in sewing, sometimes I need a container to store smaller items that can get lost in the shuffle of things. Things like rotary replacement blades, clothing tag fasteners, safety pins, etc. But as I searched the store shelves to find something that might fit that need, everything looked so…plastic. I wanted something to fit in with all that surrounded me. Fabric!

Cork Coin Pouch

As I work my way through these Made By Me activities and blog posts, I am realizing that I need to start playing “Never Have I Ever”. I originally thought that by sewing items for myself, I would be able to do something nice for me as well as set aside time to do something relaxing. But now that I am five projects into this blog series, I am really learning amazing new techniques.

With that said, today’s Made By Me post has me working with cork for the first time.

DIY Scarf Camera Strap

How many of you have a camera? I’m not talking about the camera on your phone but a real camera, camera. I love using the camera on my phone but for big moments like vacation, holidays and special events, I always use my “real camera”. Now, I have a cool strap for my real camera that is totally easy to make!

Easy Fleece Poncho from Melly Sews

In our house, regardless of the season, you are never more than an arms length away from a warm blanket. This is totally by my design because I am always freezing. Always! It could be the middle of summer with the sun shining through our windows and I will still have a blanket on top of me.

So, with this freezing winter season in Ohio, I have been looking for items to make that will keep me toasty. I was searching around Instagram and saw one of my favorite ladies had posted a fleece poncho tutorial. The picture that Melly Sews showcased looked like the perfect item to keep me fabulously warm.